Tellurium, originally called Brainfish, is a simple, tape-based esoteric programming language written in Python. It is designed to keep the code short, but still understandable. It's designed for code-golf challenges, but it can be used for other purposes too, of course.

Tellurium started out as a simple combination of esoteric programming languages Brainf-ck and Deadfish, but has since grown quite a bit. Like Brainf-ck, Tellurium is a tape-based language with 25500 cells.

Examples of Tellurium programs

Interested in Tellurium? Here are a few sample programs to showcase its features.

Hello, world!

ĀµHello, world!~^



Addition (2+2)


Simple calculator for addition


Tellurium quickstart guide

There is a Tellurium tutorial on its wiki that you should read if you would like to start programming in it.